A. A guest client or tenant may be excluded by the owner of the owner`s land on the landlord`s property who violates the terms of the tenancy agreement, a local by-law or a national or federal law, after written notification is communicated to the client or tenant. A copy of the communication is provided to the tenant in accordance with this chapter. The communication should describe the behaviour of the client or the invited persons, which is the basis of the owner`s action. Has. When a lessor illegitimately removes or excludes a tenant from the building, or intentionally assigns or causes the services provided to the tenant by interrupting or interrupting an essential service for the tenant, the tenant may receive an order from a general district court to recover the property, to compel the lessor to resume such an interrupted essential service, or to terminate the tenancy agreement; and, in all cases, recover the actual damages suffered by him and reasonable legal fees. If the lease is terminated, the owner has the full deposit in accordance with . 55.1-1226. “Rental contract” or “lease” means all written or oral leases, as well as the rules and rules in force that are provided for. 55.1-1228 and the conditions of use and occupancy of a dwelling unit and a dwelling unit. If the tenant refuses legal access, the landlord can impose access or terminate the tenancy agreement. In both cases, the owner can recover real damages and reasonable legal fees. If the landlord improperly enters or enters inappropriately or imposes repeated entry bans, which are otherwise legal but result in inappropriate harassment of the tenant, the tenant may request a cease-and-desegone action to prevent the re-emergence of the behaviour or to terminate the lease.

In both cases, the tenant can recover real damages and reasonable legal fees. 2. A court has issued an order: the perpetrator of a section 7 sexual assault offence (Article 18, 1 to 61 and following) of Title 18.2, Chapter 4, sexual abuse within the meaning of page 18.2 to 67.10 or domestic abuse within the meaning of paragraphs 16.1 to 228 against the victim, and the victim declared his resignation in writing.B.